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Urara Meirocho - Chiya (4K) by NoodleboxP Urara Meirocho - Chiya (4K) :iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 3 0
Quantum Gas Zero(QGZ)/Antimatter(Inverse QGZ)-Body
Talked before Quantum Gas Zero if arrange correctly the frequency apply to the body/heart it can attune the body.  Antimatter(Inverse QGZ) can the inverse of it can also attune the body.  Attune the body that you don't have eat/drink/breath, attuning, or become Lithovore or Drink Saltwater.  Quantum Gas Zero and Anti-matter(IQGZ) can also balance in the cold or hot, or to eachother.  Also add elements as well like Wind, Fire, Ice, Earth, Water, Buddhist.
Uhm Go go go go! Go ahead if you want to.
Master of Orion.  Humans can be the majority of the other races.
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Maid OC by NoodleboxP Maid OC :iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 11 0 Request from Picarto User(4K) by NoodleboxP Request from Picarto User(4K) :iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 2 0 DragonMaid Tohru by NoodleboxP DragonMaid Tohru :iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 6 1 OC Girl by NoodleboxP OC Girl :iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 5 2 OC by NoodleboxP OC :iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 8 2 Kana by NoodleboxP Kana :iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 5 0 Brave Witches Hikari Karibuch 4K Request by NoodleboxP Brave Witches Hikari Karibuch 4K Request :iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 1 0
2-6 Tractor Beam Microscope Superconductor
Tractor Beam Microscope.  Mounted on Gyroscope.  You can view specimens or objects completely 3D.  The Microscope lens,  the Tractor Beam or both can be rotated.  Laser or acoustic tractor, as it levitates you can try to weaken the field as much as you can to see how the cell behaves.  Oversize Microscope may possibly retrofitted with tractor beam.  A theory that array a tractor beam you can lineup turn it into an array, a line of water or blood, and place the organism to see how it reacts.  The tractor beam simulates blood vessels or a cavern.  It a can simulate growing organs only a little,Organ Scaffolding and 3D Printer. A Submersible Tractor Beam combine with 3D Printer in a Medium.  Bacterial/Cell Mitosis in 3D array rather than flat to see cell behave around the environment.
Superconductor Hydrogen metal, room temperature as it absorbs electrons you can change the temperate to make it resistance.  As Electron or may
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3-1 Actual Scenario and Setback US and World 1-29
Still writing and still trying trying to clarify.
Homeland Security was an early cheap investment for Automated Vehicles.  
The Affordable Housing Act, is the B-21 with a hydrogen bomb, charged up and wind up someone to clear out diseases.
But then WTC was struck.
Homeland Security and Affordable Housing, Homeland Security had to move around to avoid confusion of the Affordable House Act and Homeland Security, B-21 With Hydrogen Bomb.
Everyone glued to TV from School or Home while the B-21 with Hydrogen Bomb passes through clearing out disease.  I have camera and megapixel 2.1 as to the B-21 Bomber with the hydrogen bomb.
The Affordable Healthcare is the telekinetic device from orbit.  The Affordable Health Care also "Free Phone" is the telekinetic device.
The 44th President Healthcare act was actually early investment too.
But then Fukushima Struck.
Radioactive Water that pour through ocean.  And also transportation that can land on US Ground Soil mutating Vegetati
:iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 0 0
1-19 Japan Fabric 3D Printer, Nets and Other 2-12
Japan Fabric 3D Printer Doujin Artist can make custom Anime Bags from it for Comiket.  You can also print out re-usable grocery bags from it too.  There maybe also a material that weave with sensor maybe to measure objects from bags.  Maybe also material that weave and float on the water detecting chemical or radiation and it's also biodegradable.  They also mix and weave regular and non-stick fabrics together.  Weave toy parachutes.  Non-critical injuries bandages can wrap around limbs.  Possible Real Emergency may contact 911 and 3D Print sent to house/samaritan to treat the injure until help arrives.  EMS can print on the go customize and treat the injure and still have pre-fit just in case for emergency.  Also Mobile Hospital print supplies without having it wait for shipment across the world.  It can go completely complicated treating a customize wound, weaving common material and extremely expensive material to save a life, common
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1-14 Non-Toxic MicroPump with Thermal Induction
Concept Idea.
Talked before about Micropumps and Thermal Induction. If combine with DARPA's Micropump and Thermal Induction.  I think you can make a robotics that can farm agriculture.  With a certain non-toxic glue like substance and grip object plants.   The thermal induction heats up the non-toxic substance as heats/melts the micropumps through it the substance seeps through solidify creating grip.   The substance can re-melt by thermal induction and seeps back inside the micropump, and it can vary and change the strength of the grip like hands.  Feels like it can be multi-purpose variety types agriculture.
The Micropump and Thermal Induction can also make objects wearing it stick to wall or slide down the wall slowly.  For mobility,position, and versatility.
Also you can filter through it too, through thermal induction liquefies, goes through a filter trapping dirt, it can then go back to the micropump to grip.  Sensor and micropump can control th
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Mechanical Girl by NoodleboxP Mechanical Girl :iconnoodleboxp:NoodleboxP 5 0
1-1 Quantum Gas Zero for EM Drive + Higgs Boson
There's news for Quantum Gas Zero from the past, I think it can be apply or be actually the EM Drive.
I think there's a way to capture Higgs Boson, if you can set an array of quantum gas zero like air bag glove you can actually capture and retain that particle.
I'm wondering if you obtain and capture 2 Higgs Boson and spin it, a spin rate unknown, I wonder what would happen.
The EMDrive I think sense three real spaceship designs.  One is the main propulsion at the back with 2 side propulsion at the front that vertically rotate to thrust forwards and backwards, rotate one side clockwise and the other counter clockwise for steering.  Back to the rear propulsion, it partial of the engine also has vertical 360 disc at the sides to reverse in space, front propulsion and rear propulsion to reverse.
And possible Maxwell's Demon box as we for Quantum Computers, possible Superconductivity.
There's also news of Plasma Rocket able to reach Mars within 31 days no-one seems to talk about
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1 -1 E-Color Ink - Camouflage and Non-Camouflage
Edit 1-10
There's news that E-ink is that now color.   I think it can be used as camouflage or non-camouflage.  The E-ink can be reactive or non-reactive.  It can be used on shirts.  And the shirt can display of favorite design.  Or possible have the shirt turn in to ads and you can make money off from ad on your shirt.  Also the E-color make virtually paintball.  You can make weapon react and have splash damage.  Simulate Bazooka, Grenades, Flash Bangs,,Smoke Grenades, Danger Sitiuation.  Also weapons like BB Gun, a Bullet, or Shot Gun.  Anti-cheat methods. It can also be used for martial arts and sports to measure force the impact in blows.  The DARPA Robot of various can be wrapped around with E-Color Ink, making targets move and you have to chase it, and not standing fire practice shooting it, shooting AP Rockets or Bullets.  Practice Fire it can simulate fatal shots or non-fatal target, if shooting too much of target it w
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Thanks Anime.
あの。。あの。。絵は見つけて思い! 絵も「KanoーWorld Calling」です!><絵!鳴く!絵!鳴く! 最大サイズする! 4Kか?1080Pか?紫いか? 異な気分ですか? 何者かかもね使う! ど~ぞ! それは生硬をです! ノン-ラインな絵は少感じ, でまラインな絵は感じをしらないです! それが大しただと思います! ><

There's something weird in this drawing '12-12 Tamako Market'. It feels strange...when I was drawing it and also listening "Kano - World Calling". Try singing and looking at the image at the max size! There something odd about it. I don't know what this feeling is. Maybe someone can use the elements and draw from it! Go Ahead! I'm not sure what it it the 4K monitor, the 1080P monitor or the color purple?  The drawing is a bit unpolished but I think there's something there! I felt hints of it in my non-line drawings but I didn't know I can feel them with line drawings as well! I think it's important! ><

Link to 12-12 Tamako Market (4K)

Wah! Wah! I don't know how to draw on a 4K monitor!

わ。。わ。。助けて。。4Kに描いて知っない! ( ノД`)シクシク…

Today from now on I'm abandoning Photoshop and exploring other software, lets see how far I can get without crawling back to photoshop.  XD
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